Desk Seeks Person In Need of Desk.... 7 June 2012 for hard work, good fun and lots of biscuits

How, and where, do you find the ideal person to share your work space? 

On the top floor of at 36 Great Queen Street, at the front of the building, facing the imposing Freemasons Hall, is a lovely office. Light, quiet and perfectly proportioned for two people, or even three, it's conveniently right next to the kitchen and just down the hall from the top floor bathroom which has a shower and a Princess Fiona costume hanging on the back of the door (by way of explanation, the DreamWorks Shrek The Musical team have the 3rd floor rear office and are perfect neighbours).

At the moment, photographer Helen Maybanks has the room to herself, but she would much rather share. So how to you find the right person to work alongside? Who is the perfect occupant for this desk? And where do we look? Is there a formula or place one goes to for office-share-match-making?

We have tweeted and re-tweeted, emailed and cast our net into the ether, but so far have not caught this mystical being and the desk space remains uninhabited.

We have now come to the realisation that the candidate may be someone we do not know, or work with, already. A proper new person. A kind of on-going blind date situation where you go go Dutch on rent instead of dinner, and always go to the same place, where the same other 17 people also happen to turn up daily.

Come to think of it, when we first moved in here, more than half of us were new co-habitee- workmates. Now of course we are firm friends and colleagues. Yes, the odd note about clearing up after yourself in the kitchen, the growing tupperware mountain and the throwing out of out-of-date yoghurt, cheese and assorted salad items, along with the Georgian townhouse structure, sociable yet conscientious environment and shared communal areas, makes it almost homelike; but we are not, in fact, living together. This is an office, a place of work. So I guess the rules (and the criteria) are different.

So what are we really looking for? How would our personal ad for this particular kind of blind date read?

Here is an attempt, if you think you are a good match for us, let's meet to see if we agree!

'Pretty, vacant, desk in Georgian townhouse office, seeks hard working creative with a sense of fun. Anti-social people with an aversion to hygiene need not apply. Happy to share kitchen and meeting spaces, a warm welcome awaits the right person from the friendly team of professionals that currently resides here. If you are tired of your kitchen table or need a central London base from which to conduct your affairs, I could be the desk for you. 50x27x29, blonde wood with large drawers and a comfy place to park your butt, I am looking for someone with a positive attitude to life and work, and the balance between them. If that sounds like you, there's a phone extension and entry phone system with your name on it. Contact [email protected] to apply. We promise to try not to be like these guys if/when we meet.'

  Clair Chamberlain

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