On Yer Bike!. 10 November 2011 ..or not as the case may be

Everyone knows there are pros and cons to cycling in London, here are just some of them for your consideration. 


5 reasons I hate cycling

1. Other cyclists. The weirdest mixed up social group I know of. Often irritating.
2. Royal Mail van drivers. White Van is a dying breed. Central London has been taken over by the Mad Max of the genus.
3. The earnest cyclist. Usually female. Wears all the kit all the time, has several lights flashing in broad daylight and carries what seems to be everything she owns in multiple panniers.
4. Creepers. At traffic lights they wheedle their unbalanced way to the front of the group then set off in sixth gear like an electric wheelchair on a motorway.
5. Helmet hair.

5 reasons I continue to cycle

1. I arrive when I intend to arrive.
2. I choose the route and can take in a park and some lovely back streets.
3. Its exercise and travelling at the same time! And I arrive at work more alert and up for it. Nothing at my desk is as challenging as a simultaneous pothole/van/right turn.
4. It feels a bit rebellious and political.
5. Other cyclists. The weirdest mixed up social group I know of (see here). Often exciting.

Ryan Petersen

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