Sassy Gay Friend vs Madam Butterfly. 9 June 2011

We at The Corner Shop are huge fans of the Sassy Gay Friend Youtube Phenomenon.


It’s something about the camp-ness, yes, but it’s also about getting the jokes.

It’s spoofy but insightful and perfect for people with short attention spans who have problems sitting through 3 hours of Shakespeare (not us, other people).

The premise is simple, take a famous theatrical heroine and imagine how different things would have been if she had some timely, sage and amusing advice. Someone to set her straight, in a fabulously gay way.

*WARNING, you should watch the clips before reading on, otherwise we may cause offence.*

Take for instance Desdemona

Or Ophelia

Or our personal favourite, Juliet

Get it?

As you can imagine, often is the plight of some poor woman on a stage, beyond our control, met with thoughts of ‘If only she had a Sassy Gay Friend’.

This happened recently at the exquisite production of Madame Butterfly at the Royal Albert Hall. We give you:

Sassy Gay Friend vs Madame Butterfly

SGF: Stop! What? What? What are you doing?

MB: Pinkerton is married and I wish to die.

SGF: You’re just saying that for butterfly effect. Take little tiny steps away from that knife and think of your other sailor boy over there (points to 3 year old son playing outside near a sign saying Danger Deep Water).

MB: I have waited for 3 years, but now my wait is over.

SGF: Yeah, right, he’s never coming back, but it took you 3 years to work that out? 3 years? I know you were 15 when you popped your cherry blossom for him but can you tell the time Geisha girl? It’s half past used and abandoned. Time to wake up.

MB: I am poor but happy.

SGF: Whatever. I’ve seen the state of your wedding Kimono. Have you got nothing else to wear when you’re doing your zen gardening?

MB: I wear my European dresses now. For him.

SGF: Well don’t. Put your Sumo wig back on and crack open the brilliant white foundation you stupid bitch.

She’s a stupid bitch.


Clair Chamberlain, Director, The Corner ShopPR

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