The Friday Treat. 30 March 2015 It has become a very important part of the week at The Corner Shop: The Friday Treat

What started as a surprise every now and again has become a highly anticipated weekly event – so much so I’ve had to ban any discussion of it before Wednesday lunchtime.

It's definitely one of the favourite parts of my job, where I become as a sort of Corner Shop Fairy Godmother – spreading joy around the office!

A lot of careful planning goes into it. I monitor the atmosphere in the office: has it been the sort of week that calls for a greasy bacon sandwich on a Friday morning, or would we all do better with the boost of vitamins that a smoothie can give us? Or has it been the sort of week only a pizza delivery would cure?

The ‘Shoppers’ love a list, so here is my Top 5 Friday Treat:

5.  Afternoon tea

Who doesn’t love afternoon tea?  This is normally saved for special occasions like birthdays and Christmas. The picture below was taken on Ryan’s birthday when only cream cake afternoon tea could fit the bill.

Afternoon Tea is one of my favourites because it’s so indulgent. We can have half an hour away from our desks catching up on the latest gossip and drama with two of the best things in life, tea and cake.  

4.  Smoothies

Smoothies are a real crowd pleaser. The variety of choice is great, they suit everyone’s dietary requirements and the extra bonus– they deliver, so for me it’s a minimal effort treat!

3. Breakfast

Breakfast is a good treat for heavy weeks. When late nights and gym-less mornings accumulate, there’s only one thing for it.

Ordering 15 bacon/sausage/egg sandwiches with a variety of extra’s doesn’t make you a popular person at the café, and the people waiting in the queue behind absolutely loathe me, but it’s so worth it when you’ve got the world’s best sausage and scrambled egg sandwich on white bread with ketchup for breakfast!

2. Massage

This was very much a one off Friday treat. After a super busy few months we decided to go for a slightly more extravagant treat.

For me this was minimum effort maximum relaxation. We gave everyone a time slot and our amazing masseur did the rest. And we all spent the rest of the day on cloud 9!



Everyone loves pizza. When we decided to do this for a Friday treat I was by far the most popular Corner Shopper! After I’d I sent the email around on Thursday a tangible, pizza-induced excitement filled the air!

The meeting room became infused with Mozzarella and there was a slight danger of feeling snoozy by mid-afternoon, but Friday afternoon Pizza has to be my favourite treat!

Other Friday treats have included Starbucks Christmas coffees, hot cross buns, Soup Du Jour, Pho takeout, Ben’s Cookies, Hummingbird cupcakes and pick and mix from Sugar Sin.

Amongst all the variety, there is a consistent theme – the Friday Treat is always food related because we do love our food at The Corner Shop.

Katherine Glyde, Office Assistant

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