When to stop shooting. 28 April 2011

Creating an image that sums up a love story was always going to be a challenge.


This autumn, The Corner Shop will be working with Frantic Assembly on their forthcoming production Lovesong, a wonderful new play by Abi Morgan about a lifelong relationship.

Marriages that last are something of a rarity these days. People divorce, remarry, separate, get back together, renew vows and divorce (again) all the time.

Families consist of brothers, sisters, half brothers and sisters step brothers and sisters and even brothers and sisters who are younger than step mothers.

It’s complicated.

But a couple that stays together for life is, in many ways, no less complicated and, in some cases, more difficult to understand.

You have to give real love your best shot.

Creating an image that sums up this love story was always going to be a challenge.

Fortunately perou was taking the pictures.

Frantic had a clear idea in their heads (night time, outdoors, long grass, older woman, younger man, intimate moment) that, once thought through and discussed, presented some practical issues (doesn’t get dark til 9pm, at which point it gets pretty cold; long grass is hard to come by/get permission to shoot on in town and the production is not yet cast).

But last night in a garden in Surrey, as the temperature dropped and then dropped some more, Betsy and Liam lay in the long grass on and off from 8pm as Perou shot them in different scenarios, to capture what the characters mean to each other.

We had til 10pm to get it right.

We got the shot at approximately 8.15, but we carried on regardless.

Everyone was extremely affable and patient, but as I turned onto the A217 to go home, I couldn’t help wondering if I might have caught the full highlights of the Barcelona/Real Madrid Champions League semi finals if we recognised that we had what we needed when we got it.

As it was, I saw both of Lionel Messi’s incredible goals (be afraid Man U) and got to see Mourinho pass desperate notes to his coach from the sidelines (a ‘special’ moment).

Then, when the final whistle went, it was finally time to stop shooting.

Clair Chamberlain, Director, The Corner Shop PR

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