Edinburgh International Culture Summit

The Edinburgh International Culture Summit invites Culture Ministers, artists, thinkers and arts leaders from around the world to come together to share ideas and discuss the power, position and profile of the arts, culture and creative industries.

Set against the incomparable backdrop of the world's greatest cultural events, the Edinburgh Festivals, the Edinburgh International Culture Summit is uniquely placed to facilitate genuine exchange between practitioners and policy-makers.

The inaugural Summit in 2012 was a resounding success, with 33 countries attending and a host of leading international artists and cultural commentators taking part. Presenting a significant opportunity for direct and open dialogue between politicians, policy-makers and artists, the Summit provided a forum for in-depth discussion on, and compelling accounts of, the power of the arts and culture to enrich individual lives and transform national ambitions.

The Corner Shop PR is working with EICC to build on these strong foundations to encourage further sharing of ideas, debates and future collaborations during the 2016 Summit.