Forced Entertainment to livestream their Complete Works. 25 August 2016

The boundary-breaking Sheffield based Theatre Company Forced Entertainment are to livestream their Complete Works: Take Top Shakespeare project over nine days following a sold out run at the Barbican earlier this year. In Complete Works six performers create condensed versions of every Shakespeare play ever written, intimately retelling them using a collection of everyday un-extraordinary objects on the one metre stage of a table-top. The performances feature objects such as pepper pots, knives and forks and cheese graters in place of Shakespeare’s characters. Complete Works will be presented at and livestreamed from Theaterfestival Basel from 1-9 September 2016 giving those who weren’t able to get a ticket at the Barbican earlier this year the opportunity to see all of the hour-long pieces online.  Forced Entertainment is working in conjunction with the British Council who will livestream the performances on their site, in addition to the festival site and Forced Entertainment’s.

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