From the Calais ‘Jungle’ refugee camp, Good Chance arrives in London this summer. 9 June 2016

From Saturday 30 July to Sunday 7 August, Good Chance will find a London home on Festival Terrace at Southbank Centre’s annual Festival of Love. Entitled Encampment, the project will unite artists from the UK, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Cameroon and Guinea. Across nine days and nights, a sweeping programme of performances and events will take place inside the iconic Good Chance Dome, direct from the Calais ‘Jungle’ refugee camp.

Encampment will offer a mixture of ticketed and non-ticketed events, all free, including theatre, art, music, discussion and workshops, featuring special guests from around the world. The dome structure Good Chance brought to Calais was made into a hub for welcome, exchange and performance by the people from the camp who visited it every day. Encampment will raise awareness of and reinvigorate the dialogue on one of the biggest human migrations in history, giving people in the UK a chance to come together to discover more and to celebrate our extraordinary diversity and humanity.​

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