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30th January 2018

There is something promising about the new year. After a busy December, January is suddenly a time to pause, reflect and plan for the year ahead. Here at The Corner Shop, we are already making use of our new diaries and starting to organise exciting things for 2018.

Take a look at the things we are most looking forward to.


Finally getting to the man himself, D’Angelo, at Eventim Apollo in March. I am literally counting down the days (…hours…minutes).

I am most looking forward to seeing my first ever opera, Verdi’s La Traviata, in March this year.

I am most looking forward to my summer holidays! The plan this year is Ischia, which I’ve been meaning to visit ever since my mum made me re-watch the film Avanti (anyone?) with Jack Lemmon about a hundred times. The island is amazingly picturesque and I cannot wait to swap ginger tea and lemsip for some Aperol and Negroni.

I like to have something super exciting planned to mark the midway point of the year and this year it’s The Wooster Group’s The Town Hall Affair at the Barbican. I remember seeing To You The Birdie at Riverside Studios in 2002 and it blew my mind. They don’t come to London very often so I booked really early. They are one of the most influential (and much copied) avant garde companies in the world. I’m keen to see if they can still blow my mind. No pressure.

I am looking forward to my walking holiday in the Lake District in February.  Every year, we book a cottage, load up the car with board games, gaiters and thermals and drive up to the Lakes.  It’s the perfect antidote to London life – the air is so fresh and it is a great way to recharge the batteries after a long winter.

C2C Country Music Festival. Yee-haw.

I’m most excited about my holiday in Italy – ten days in Tuscany and Rome at the end of February. I’m going to eat pizza AND pasta at every meal, plus all the gelato I can get my hands on. I also plan to consume about three hundred negronis a day. Oh and maybe see some ancient ruins, medieval masterpieces and wave at the Pope if time allows between meals.

I’m really excited about the Vaults festival! In particular two completely different shows both directed by Lucy Jane Atkinson, CAUSE and One Hundred Words for Snow performed by the hugely talented Gemma Barnett.

Primavera Festival, Barcelona
My past festival experiences have been limited to the UK climate, forcing me to trudge from tent to tent in knee-high mud. So, I am extremely excited to go to a festival that has GUARANTEED sunshine…hopefully I haven’t just jinxed it.  I can’t wait to watch bands on the beach, look at awesome architecture and live like a queen in a swanky Airbnb!

This year my best friend and I are going on a road trip across the West Coast of America; starting in LA and ending in Las Vegas. We’ve been planning it in our heads since we were about 16 so to say we’re looking forward to it finally happening would be an understatement!

I am really looking forward to taking my mum to Paris this April to celebrate her 70th birthday with my siblings.  As a lady who has always actively encouraged me to blow my savings on travelling the world (let’s just say my dad and her differed greatly on this point!) she hasn’t done as much travelling as she would like and is very excited about boarding the Eurostar and seeing Paris in the springtime!

The films I’m particularly looking forward to this year are the new Marvel films, including Black Panther, Ant-Man and the Wasp and Avengers: Infinity War. Infinity War is the culmination of 10 years of Marvel films, with all the superheroes coming together (it was rumoured at some point to have more than 70 characters) to fight an enemy that’s been teased endlessly for years. I can’t wait!

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