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26th July 2019

Even though Shoppers never play favorites, we cannot deny that there are ALWAYS exceptions to the rule… such as the best Disney songs.

Inspired by The Ringer we each picked our all-time favorite Disney musical numbers.

Be our guest as we get ready to hum, sing and serenade the most supercalifragilisticexpialidocious songs of all time!


‘I Can Go The Distance’ from Hercules by the legendary Alan Menken. Although I’m not the biggest fan of Michael Bolton, this track holds fond memories of watching the film as a child. The entire score is just so brilliant it literally makes me want to jump around my flat. You know you’ve got a hit on your hands when you cannot get the melody out of your head and I’ve no shame whatsoever in saying how much I love the sentiment – as gushy and mushy as it is!


Whilst everyone was belting out ‘I Just Can’t Wait To Be King’ my favourite Disney song is and always will be ‘Digga Tunnah’ from the classic The Lion King 1.5 featuring everyone’s favourite meerkat/warthog duo Timon and Pumbaa.

For me the song just sums up the sheer determination necessary and the joy involved in working in a team. Also the energy all the meerkats emit when they are endlessly digging tunnels whilst singing this catchy tune will always put a smile on ANYONE’S face.

It has made me forever thankful for teaching me a valuable lesson about loving what you do and the perfect answer to a interview question about my work ethic – “Shout hallelujah, let’s work again!”.


Moana – ‘How Far I’ll Go’  – Because she’s exactly the kind of kick ass female lead I want my two little boys singing along with.

The Little Mermaid ‘Under the Sea’  –  Best song ever written by anyone.

Arlo (Laura’s son)

Beauty & The Beast  ‘Gaston’  because he desperately wants to hang out with Gaston & mini Gaston in their local French tavern talking about antler-inspired interior design and eating snails.


Well I love ‘Dig a Little Deeper’ from The Princess and the Frog, steeped in New Orleanian Mississippi jazz; Elton’s Serengeti serenade, ‘Circle of Life’ (The Lion King); and Murder She Wrote meets ya best Wedgewood bone China’s beautiful ballad, the title track from Beauty and the Beast; however what evokes a sprinkle of Disney magic better than Pinocchio’s ‘When You Wish Upon a Star’.


Mary Poppins – Feed The Birds. I did not understand the power of this song until hearing it belted live. I still don’t understand, to be really honest. I hate pigeons. I don’t care for birds, generally. But the story of this little old bird woman trying to sell her bags full of crumbs, on the steps of St Paul’s, gets to me like nothing else can. I think I’ve always associated her with the bird lady from Home Alone 2, one of the purest characters ever created. If you listen to this song and you don’t want to spend tuppence to feed the birds, then you have no heart.


‘I’ll Make A Man Out Of You’ – Mulan. I love how empowering this song is and it was always one of my favourites as a child. Plus I sang it when I had my first trial with my singing teacher at the age of 10!


My slightly unconventional childhood led to me having little knowledge of Disney films until I was much older (it was just musicals or Serbian films in my house) but watching Mulan for the first time at 19 was life *clap* changing *clap*. ‘A Girl Worth Fighting For’ is the biggest tune on that soundtrack. Also, I was so shook by Coco when it came out  – what an absolute BANGER of a film – so I have to argue that every song in that film deserves a mention.


Kiss the Girl from The Little Mermaid is my fave of all time!!!!

I find the song very romantic and relevant to anyone’s first kiss with someone they really like. The fact that Prince Eric and Ariel are both too shy to initiate the kiss is so sweet and of course, Sebastian’s amazing voice steals the show!


My favourite Disney song probably is ‘Colours of the Wind’ from Pocahontas. Pocahontas is by far my favourite Disney film (don’t ask me why, probably one of the few that made it across the pond to Central Europe) and this song is always stuck in my head. I think it resonated with me because it was one of the songs that pointed out just because you are part of a majority, does not mean you are right and the others are wrong and that we have much to learn from each other.

It’ll be stuck in my head all day now….

Hannah O

The Little Mermaid – Part of Your World. This song is a belter. Easy to remember lyrics, the rhymes totally work. Isn’t it every young person’s dream to swim around caves with a fish, using a fork to comb your hair?! Great to sing at the top of your voice in the shower, too.


Friend Like Me – Aladdin. If you don’t feel the urge to scamper off and get up to all kinds of hijinks and shenanigans you don’t deserve a jaunty fez and vest combo. Also, Robin Williams.


My favourite Disney song is Part Of Your World from The Little Mermaid. As an avid swimmer (that dabbles in self choreographed synchronised swimming), most of my childhood was spent pretending to be Ariel spiralling up to the water’s surface – I always struggled with the singing aspect of the performance.


I absolutely LOVE ‘A Cover Is Not The Book’ from the  new Mary Poppins film. Who’d have thought that the prim nanny with a carpet bag could be reinvented as a saucy music hall minx! It’s quintessentially cockney, it includes a host of colourful characters and it’s a teensy bit risqué (So in Spring when Mr Hickory saw her blossoms blooming there
/He took root despite her bark/ And now there’s seedlings everywhere
)– which is quite rare! There are great rhymes (Professors / hair dressers etc etc) It’s a fabulous scene in the movie that gets more and more raucous, as well as, in typical Disney form, beneath all the fun and frolics there being an important social message there too. Isn’t there?

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