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International Women’s Day 2020

Posted on Thu, March 5

And what a list it is: Deepa:  Hannah Beachler is my favourite behind-the-scenes woman filmmaker. She’s a production designer that has worked on many of the most aesthetically-pleasing films I’ve ever seen, including Moonlight. A lot of...

Top culture moments of the decade

Posted on Fri, December 20

As the curtain falls on the 2010s, we’ve taken the chance to reflect on some of our top culture moments of the decade, featuring some of the fantastic theatre shows we’ve seen across the past few years....

Once Upon A Disney Musical Number

Posted on Fri, July 26

Even though Shoppers never play favorites, we cannot deny that there are ALWAYS exceptions to the rule… such as the best Disney songs. Inspired by The Ringer we each picked our all-time favorite Disney musical numbers. Be...