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21st December 2018

We love a festive tradition here so before we sign off for the year, our final Christmas read for you is a selection of our favourite non-Christmas films that have slowly turned into a tradition…

Nikola – There are two films that always remind me of Christmas and New Years and to this day I have no idea what prompted Czech TV executives to make Dirty Dancing and Pretty Woman into Christmas specials. Every year just a week before Christmas we’d see Baby on her journey to Kellerman’s resort and just after 26th December Julia Roberts in the blonde wig.  To this day, when either of those films is on TV, a part of me goes ‘but it’s not Christmas yet.’

Of course they put Die Hard in middle of July because we just don’t do anything like the rest of the world.

Lydia – I seem to always watch Lassie around Christmas time as even though it isn’t a Christmas film the end of the film is set at Christmas time and it’s all about family bonds and coming home. Every year it has me in floods of tears without fail!

Hannah C – I’m so basic I only watch Christmas movies at Christmas.

Chloe – I LOVE watching Finding Nemo. Anytime, anywhere. It’s just one of those films I could watch over and over again. It’s definitely the best movie to have ever come out of Disney Pixar.  Reportedly it was the most successful film Pixar has ever produced – it made something like $900m + at the worldwide box office?! Anyway. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside – just like Christmas!

Philippa – Do home videos count?

Clair – Not exactly on brief but one Christmas, four of us ended up watching The Act of Killing – Joshua Oppenheimer’s chillingly disturbing, Indonesian war crimes of the 60s, re-enactment movie – yes you read that right. It was a movie that divided the critics and provoked extreme public reactions. Whatever your opinion, it’s the LEAST Christmassy film OF ALL TIME. We still joke about watching it again at Christmas.

Hannah O – Whilst the rest of my family is in a food coma, my mum and I sneak off and watch The Sound Of Music on 26th/27th December. It’s always on one afternoon and it’s fab to sing along to!

Abbie  – Every year, my family sit down together and watch Chicken Run which is ALWAYS on the TV. It’s a tradition that’s been going on for so long that I now just watch my dad watching the film, rather than the film itself – he seems to find the film funnier every year, as do I his reactions.



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