On Tuesday 14th November 2023 London-based director/visual artist Daisy Dickinson will be unveiling Three Hundred and Thirty Three: Part One, the first of a triptych of films set in and around the ancient sites and nature of the north east of England, co-commissioned by Mediale and The Glasshouse International Centre for Music, and developed and co-produced by From The Other.


This groundbreaking commission kicks off a two-year partnership between The Glasshouse International Centre for Music (formerly Sage Gateshead) and international arts commissioner Mediale, which will support artists to make new work that combines music and technology in new constellations.

In Part One of the triptych, together with long term musical collaborator, Maxim Barron, Daisy revisits places that hold dreamlike memories from childhood, re-imagining a landscape that echoes traces of magic and ceremony. Part One is soundtracked by the haunting music of Maxim Barron and features violinist Takatsuna Mukai and field recordings from within the stone circles, waterfalls and the landscape visible in the film including Duddo Five Stones, The Blue Lagoon in Hexham, High Force and Low Force Waterfalls, Lordenshaw Stone Circles, Roughting Linn Cup and Ring Markings, Doddington Moor and Bamburgh Castle. The violin was recorded on location in Epping Forest with improvisation and sound, echoing the resonances of the ancient forest.

The subsequent two parts, created with collaborators to be announced, will be released in early 2024. Three Hundred and Thirty-Three: Part One will launch online on 14th November 2023 on all The Glasshouse and Mediale’s channels, with plans for physical installations of the full triptych in the New Year.


“Our collaboration with Mediale is a perfect illustration of how we like to work in partnership, strengthening and sharing expertise, bringing everyone together to see what new ideas emerge when art and technology meet. The new commission with Daisy Dickinson marks the beginning of our multi-year collaboration with Mediale and our dedication, at The Glasshouse, to exploring new artforms.” Rachel Williams, Head of Digital at The Glasshouse.


“We’re incredibly excited to be working with The Glasshouse International Centre for Music, a much loved northern arts institution which has exciting and bold plans for the future. We’ve already been working together throughout this year on Immersive Assembly and a stunning triptych of works by Daisy Dickinson (the first of which launches today), and there’s a lot more to come. It’s been a real pleasure to work with such dynamic people, who see the clear and obvious potential in the connection between art, music and technology, and are prioritising creating groundbreaking new work here in the north.” Tom Higham, Mediale.


The Glasshouse creates and celebrates outstanding music for and from the North East. Mediale is an international media arts organisation based in North Yorkshire which works with technologically innovative and ambitious artists, to produce art with human connection, empathy and experience at its core. The world of creativity and artistic expression is changing and evolving, and the two organisations have teamed up to collaborate on an ambitious programme of digital commissioning, creative development and exploration.