On now until 24 April

An innovative, multi-media and free exhibition taking centre stage at Edinburgh Science Festival 2022, DataSphere is set to immerse audiences in the information age like never before. With Revolutions as the theme of this year’s Festival, DataSphere explores the myriad ways our lives have been transformed by the power of data. The exhibition covers some of the most urgent topics of the information age, including a deep dive into big data, issues around privacy and how data can help us in the global fight for the climate. Audiences can experience the fascinating exhibition in the Grand Gallery of the National Museum of Scotland until 24 April 2022. DataSphere is supported by Cirrus Logic, Culture & Business Fund Scotland, US Embassy London, UK Government Scotland, Digital Xtra Fund, and the PLACE (Platforms for Creative Excellence) Programme, a partnership between the Scottish Government – through Creative Scotland – the City of Edinburgh Council and the Edinburgh Festivals.

Data is the most plentiful natural resource of the 21st century. From your smartphone, to your tablet, to the computer on your desk – it is all pervasive; it is everywhere you look and in everything you do. The Earth is no longer just a sphere, it is a ‘datasphere’, but how do we make sense of this flood of information and not only deal with the challenges but seize the opportunities this presents? This flagship new exhibition explores our personal, local and global reliance on data through a series of engaging and interactive installations whilst prompting audiences to ask the question – is access to all of this data always a good thing?

DataSphere also features artworks from Scottish artists – Alan Brown’s Biological Clock looking at DNA molecules and Silent Chaos turning the Grand Gallery into a bespoke information collector – both supported by PLACE funding as well as a rotating schedule of exciting drop-in events including:

  • MicroCoders, supported by Digital Xtra Fund: Tue 19 – Sun 24 April
  • University of Edinburgh Student Artwork: Wed 20 – Fri 22 April
  • Heriot-Watt Robots: Wed 13 – Thu 14 April
  • Data After Dark  offering an exclusive after-hours and adult-only access to the exhibition, including a DJ set, new activities and a bar: Thu 21 April

Full Festival programme is available here: www.sciencefestival.co.uk