Acclaimed Welsh theatre company Mr & Mrs Clark bring their latest critically lauded production Louder is Not Always Clearer  to Summerhall Techcube

The honest, funny and moving autobiographical journey of a deaf person in a hearing world

 A story of disconnection, difference, and being accepted

 Written and devised by actor and teacher Jonny Cotsen and Gareth Clark of Mr & Mrs Clark

Louder is Not Always Clearer, Summerhall Techcube, 31 July – 25 August, 14.30


Acclaimed Welsh theatre company Mr & Mrs Clark present their critically praised production Louder is Not Always Clearer at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this year.

An honest and funny portrayal of the vulnerability of a man perceived to be full of confidence and outwardly sociable, Louder is Not Always Clearer introduces us to Jonny.

Jonny is a teacher, an artist and an avid football fan. He has just become a father and loves music. He was born deaf to hearing parents.

This one-man show is performed by Jonny Cotsen and based on his own life, where ‘deaf’ was not a term used in the Cotsen household while he was growing up.

Through a moving, passionate multi-media performance Jonny shares his story, in a bold and moving expose of life for one deaf man in a hearing world.

Co-written and devised by Jonny Cotsen and Gareth Clark of theatre company Mr & Mrs Clark (Smash it Up) Louder is Not Always Clearer is a story of disconnection, difference and desperation to belong.

For hearing audiences, the production connects as an illuminating and emotional experience. For deaf audience members, the show is a familiar tale of misunderstanding and isolation. For everyone it is a humorous and moving story of one man’s life.

Louder is Not Always Clearer is a fully accessible performance to deaf and hard of hearing audiences with the use of captioning and BSL translation.

Meet Jonny; teacher, father, artist. He loves music, festivals and nightclubs. He longs to sing.

Jonny is deaf. He was born deaf to hearing parents who were afraid that disability would stigmatise their son. Jonny underwent speech therapy and learned to lip read. He did not identify as ‘deaf’ until much later in life, always feeling disconnected from his disability but also disconnected from the world around him.

Louder is Not Always Clearer will be performed at Summerhall Techcube as part of Edinburgh Festival Fringe from 31 July to 25 August.

Mr & Mrs Clark make theatre shows based on the stories and happenings that surround them. They take personal stories that have a global theme and use a variety of movement, music and physical challenges to create a montage of images. The company have made work for small theatre and non-theatre spaces creating an opportunity for the audience to feel connected and present in the work. The Clarks were shortlisted for the Amnesty International Freedom of Expression award in 2015 for the show Smash It Up.

Actor and teacher Jonny Cotsen runs the deaf club at Sherman Theatre, Cardiff. He runs theatre workshops with young people of all abilities and shares his practice with local deaf groups.

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Louder is Not Always Clearer represents the UK in the British Council’s Edinburgh showcase as part of This is Wales:

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