Taking place between 9 and 19 September, Over Lunan is an extraordinary promenade performance in the dunes of Lunan Bay in Angus, Scotland, commissioned by Hospitalfield and Arbroath 2020+1 and created by Angus Farquhar of Aproxima Arts.

Over Lunan Team is now pleased to announce it is releasing a new radio piece, also called Over Lunan, which is an accompanying piece of work to the live event in the dunes. It will broadcast for the first time on Radio North Angus on 6 Sept at 8am and then on 8 Sept at 12.15pm, also on Resonance FM on 10 Sept at 8pm and 13 Sept at 10am and on Resonance Extra on 10 Sept at 8pm.

Both the live event and the radio piece, Over Lunan sheds light on some of the hidden connections between Lunan and places far afield, in both time and space.

In 2015 the journalist Charlie Ross spent a summer in Lunan Bay on the north east coast of Scotland, investigating the area’s history and mythology, and the natural forces that have shaped this coast through millennia. He died before his work was complete, but his discoveries, including Lunan’s connection to the ancient cultures of the Middle East, are now brought to life posthumously in this new radio piece, produced by Steve Urquhart and directed by Purni Morell, with music and sound design by Andrew Knight-Hill.

Although it is not necessary to listen to the radio piece before coming to the live event in Lunan Bay, ticket holders are encouraged to tune in to get a greater understanding of the research work Charlie Ross had undertaken in the local area.

Those who have missed out on a ticket to the live event are invited to enjoy the radio piece as a standalone piece of work exploring the fascinating connections between two beautiful parts of the world, each conveying a fascinating and little-known history.

The production of the radio piece is supported by Creative Scotland.